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The content for was developed by well known exam prep instructor, Leslie Purvis, with essential contributions from her exam content support team. Purvis has more than 30 years of experience in the Texas real estate training industry and is an expert in exam preparation. Through classroom based exam preparation courses and specialized instructional methods, Purvis has trained more than ten thousand real estate licensees. Leslie's years of experience, as well as follow-up with students after they take their exams, have resulted in an online exam preparation program that features up-to-date exam content that will prepare virtually anyone to pass the state exam...stress-free.


Local, Applicable Content...
The instructional staff at are specialists in teaching pre-licensing and exam preparation courses. Over the years they have prepared numerous exams and exam prep training materials. Leslie and her team have developed a keen sense of awareness for the areas and subjects where many people need extra help when preparing for their licensing exams. The online exam tools offered by are simply the easiest and most up-to-date way to supplement and reinforce what you have learned in your pre-licensing courses.


Up-to-Date Information...
At, information is always current. When licensing and regulation information changes, we update our question content to reflect these changes. The questions are carefully worded to make you think about and remember what you learned in your pre-licensing courses and ensure you are ready for the licensing exam.


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